Wow, 4th Edition's comming.. (from Amazon)

I guess there’s no way to get the beta version early? :grinning:
obviously happy to pay for it. I’ve just switched the Kotlin so need some BNR!

No, sorry. Only if you take a class.

We do have a new book on the Kotlin programming language that is released.

Hopefully the updated date of April 8, 2019 is also still incorrect :slight_smile:

Books should learn how to program in the right way. If you want something really simple then tutorials/samples from official android developers site should be enough…

I’m not sure about “some of the JetPack components”. If we choose JetPack technology then it seems we have to combine all JetPack components and use them together. So it looks like: or we use standard Android API + MVC or we use Jetpack + MVVM (it’s like we have two methods of creating Android apps). I’m not sure about mixing them up

Amazon now has the book listed as “Currently Unavailable”. Any update on a targeted release date?

Amazon now saying Sept 22, 2019.

Will BLE 4.2, 5 and Mesh be covered in the context of coroutines?


Will there be a Java version of the 4th edition, or are the books only going to use Kotlin from now on? Is there a definite release date for 4th edition now? Amazon says September 1, 2019, is this correct?

I’d be interested in knowing the answer to this as well. I’d prefer to use Java while I learn Android since I’m familiar with it, so maybe I’d be better off purchasing the 3rd edition if there’s not going to be a 4th edition using Java?


When it actually planned to launch? We’re in Q2 of 2019 :slight_smile:

We expect for the book to be released in late August.

Hello everyone! The book materials have just been sent to the printer today. We’re expecting that the book should be available in stores and from Amazon by August 26th! We’ll let y’all know if that date changes going forward but we’re hopeful we can deliver it to you as soon as possible.

Thank you so much for your patience with this version. We’ve put a lot of love and care into the overhaul and we’re very excited for y’all to read it!

Hi everyone, i was waiting for this book so long time, is there any way to buy PDF version?

Is there an updated release date of when the book will be available?

Amazon is now showing October 19

As noted in

an eBook version does exist at this moment so discussion can properly move to the 4th edition forum at this point.

I just bought the kindle version of 4th Edition. Could you tell me where to download the sample code in the book? Please email as I don’t log in the forum often.
Thanks much

I want to know which version of android studio was used for the book. I ask because of this review on Amazon. I would like to start with the correction version of Android Studio.

The image in the book shows 3.3.1 and I currently have 3.5.2 installed. I don’t imagine there is anything too major of a change that would be a barrier from using the book.