Book supplements?



A comment from 2011 by the author on Amazon mentions: “We’ll be making some supplements available for download this fall on ARC, XPC, LLDB, Lion, and all that stuff.” I looked around on the book websites (BNR and borkware), but didn’t find any such thing. Was this released, and if yes, where can I find it?

BTW, really enjoyed the recent interview on NSBrief.


Yeah they haven’t surfaced yet, mainly because i’m still not satisfied in my understanding of ARC (in particular some of the dark corners, such as … lifetimes/ , and the bridge casting rules are in flux - there’s more Core Foundation support in newer Apple LLVM compilers).

In the mean time, I’m feeding a lot of text through,


Also, i’ve updated the sample code at - the GUI apps are now ARC, and the command-line samples use clang and maximal warning levels.