Chapter 7 - Internationalization & Localization - in iOS 14 -p155

In iOS Programming 7th ed, Page 155 using iOS 14:

  • after you have used genstrings to generate the localization file, you drag it from the finder onto the WorldTrotter / WorldTrotter folder in XCode.

This brings up a dialog box that is not explained in the book (presumably ios 14 difference).

here you need to select “Create Groups” to get the new localization file to be referenced by the project.

Next, I’m stuck on this:

“Now that you have created Localizable.strings, you need to localize it in Xcode. Open its file inspector and click the Localize… button”

I have the Localizable.strings file in my Xcode project after the above steps, but when click it, where is the “Localize…” button?

I tried searching the help menu but I can’t find this functionality in iOS 14