Problem localizing Localizable.strings to Base in Xcode 9.1

On page 138, we’re asked to localize Localizable.strings to Base; however, when I open the file’s file inspector and click Localize, I am not given this option.

I tried working around it by adding the Localizable.strings file to the Base.lproj folder in Finder, but I still didn’t have any luck once I added the Localizable.strings file to Xcode.

Here’s a screenshot of the only two localization options listed for the file.

Anyone know another way to make this work?

P.S. I do have “Use Base Internationalization” selected under Project > Info > Localizations, if that’s relevant. (screenshot below)

I was actually able to complete this task by Localizing the Localizable.strings file to English, then to Spanish (by clicking the checkbox next to it):


Then finding the Localizable.strings file with the disclosure triangle next to it in the Project Navigator and clicking on it. With it highlighted, I opened the File Inspector, and Base was then an option for localization.

I ran into the same problem. But after I localized the file to English and Spanish, there was still no option for Base. Despite this, things in the app appeared to be working as expected.

I’m not sure why that option is not showing up for me. If anyone is in the same boat as me but was able to get the Base option back, please share your solution.

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