Errata for the 7th edition?

Is there a page for errata in the 7th edition?

The book is amazing, edit-wise. I’ve come across only two small issues in the entire book; stunning. But I don’t know where to report them.

  1. Operator typo

One is in the demo code (not part of a project) on page 453:

let numbers = [1, 2, 3]
let doubledNumbers = { $0 * $0 }

Obviously that’s squaring the numbers, not doubling them. The * should be a +.

(And similarly with the code below it that explains what map is doing.)

  1. Duplicated sentence

The first sentence in the second paragraph on page 484 is duplicated.

(“There are a couple ways to navigate with VoiceOver on.”)

That’s it that I’ve seen. Just amazing.

I think there’s one more: a bug in Photorama (page 469). Will post in that section to verify.

Hello! Thanks for helping us to continue to improve the iOS Programming Guide. I created a topic for Errata under General Book Discussion. Feel free to reply with any additional errors. In the meantime, I’ll pass this along to our authors to look into.

Super – thank you!

(I didn’t know if you meant to reply here or there, so I replied there.)

No worries! We got it.

Thanks again @gc3182! I replied to your code error post (updateTags issue) in the other thread. We’ve taken care of these issues internally and so they’ll be fixed in the 2nd printing / next digital release.