Mac Desktop Database Application

I have a Windows database program that uses relational Paradox tables. I would like to rewrite the program to work on a Mac computer. The original program was written in C++ using the Embarcadero C++ 2010 compiler. I don’t know where to start because I am new to the Mac world.

I am currently reading “Objective-C Programming The Big Nerd Ranch Guide” to learn how to program on the Mac. I plan to get the ‘Swift’ book next. However, I don’t see any database applications in either book.

Is there some Mac relational database that I can use for a desktop program on a single computer (i.e., no server) and is there a good book to learn how to write code for the database?

Thank you…
Earl Staley

  1. Finish the Objective-C book;
  2. Read the BNR Cocoa Programming book (Objective-C version); and
  3. Don’t get distracted from your main task by spending time on Swift (because corresponding frameworks have not matured yet.)

As for the database, you can use sqlite3 on Mac OS X.

After you have finished the Cocoa book, you should be able to start porting your code (assuming that you have enough experience in programming.)

Thank you for your reply. I will absolutely take your advice.

Do you have a suggestion for a good book to get me started programming with SQLite?


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