I like the book, but I miss the chapter about OpenGL - one of the reasons I got the book.

Glad you like the book, but sorry you are missing OpenGL. Was it mentioned in some marketing materials for the 5th edition? (hopefully not!)

Unfortunately yes. See the list from For the moment I keep the OpenGL part in Objective-C.


  • Cocoa: What Is It? * Let’s Get Started * Swift * Memory Management * Target/Action * Helper Objects * NSWindowController, NSViewController, XIBs, and MVC * Key-Value Coding/Key-Value Observing * NSArrayController * NSUndoManager * Archiving an Protocols * Basic Core Data * NSWindowController * User Defaults * Using Notifications * Using Alert Panels * Localization * Custom Views * Images and Mouse Events * Keyboard Events * Drawing Text with Attributes * Pasteboards and Nil-Targeted Actions * Categories * Drag-and-Drop * NSTimer * Sheets * Creating NSFormatters * Printing * Web Services * Closures * More Core Data * Storyboards * Collection Views * Core Animation * Concurrency * Unit Testing * Cocoa and OpenGL* NSTask * Distributing Your App

I wasn’t able to find that text on Can you provide a URL to that page? Thank you. … n=52044011

Scott Bennett wrote a SwiftGL.framework, which I find rather difficult to use. Is this complexity the reason for not including OpenGl in the book ?
Thank you

Thanks for the link, we will look into correcting that.

The 4th and prior editions’ coverage of OpenGL was pretty basic – mostly a description of how to use NSOpenGLView, which is something better covered by Apple’s own OpenGL on the Mac documentation. Going beyond that gets into more and more specialized territory, and this book is more intended to cover the core topics we think that every Cocoa programmer should be familiar with.