This is all my study plan! over years

I have a master’s degree in Finance and accounting, I also have a bachelor degree in computer science( continuing studies) with over 5 years of experience in a financial department, my profile is hybride, I love business but also a big fan of programming and creating stuff using programming languages…

I’m a big learner, I love learning new things, that was my reason behind doing a bachelor in computer science.

I’m tired of waiting a salary each month, I live in a poor 3rd world- country, Perspectives are very low, my ambition is to be able to work for myself and get out of the 8 to 5 shift system.

How is it possible ?

Become a real programmer and create a killer app :slight_smile: You also need a lot of luck, maybe more than anything else.

Its life mate. Skills matter more than degrees. Find out something that you have skills and knowledge and people will pay for.

Which country are you from?