Existing of a book

Hi, I just dont get it. Why there is some discusses, and the book still not available to buy? And how this can be?

I assume, based on the post below

that people are looking at the online edition available at http://learning.oreilly.com/

I was the author of that fragment, and yes indeed, I’m going through O’Reilly. I hadn’t realized it wasn’t in physical existence yet. Sorry for tantalizing those who don’t have access…

Thanks for making us all aware it is now available in some form. Do you know if there is a way to purchase & download a PDF version from their site?

Answering my own question, here is a link to purchase a PDF version of the book


Can anyone connected with BNR confirm if this e-version will match the print version?

Hey man thanks for sharing this book :slight_smile: …I was unable to find it anywhere else…but finally, here it is…!!!

Amazon now has it listed as a Kindle version as well.

For the print version, Amazon has a date of tomorrow (Oct 19) listed. Is this accurate? Can we expect a physical copy to be shipped out next week?

Now it’s showing as November 8…

I don’t really get how to open it with PDF 'cause it’s some kind of error

How do you open it? (I mean the program you’re using)

try using some free pdf readers like adobe acrobat or Javelin reader

I tried acrobat but it didn’t help anyway. Gonna try another one, thx