Gold Challenge - Not seeing multiple instances of LootLogger

This is even after checking ‘Supports multiple windows’ within Deployment window.

If I return to the Home Screen of the Simulator and jump back into LootLogger, it jumps back to the single instance of the app. If I go to my multitask listing, I only see the single instance.

Could it have something to do with the message my console log gives me whenever I go to the home screen?

LootLogger[49261:9761981] Can't end BackgroundTask: no background task exists with identifier 18 (0x12), or it may have already been ended. Break in UIApplicationEndBackgroundTaskError() to debug.

You’re not going to see multiple windows by default, you have to use drag & drop to get new ones.

This video is a quick tutorial on how it works. They’re showing how to run different apps side by side, but the same thing works for multiple windows of a single app.

I don’t know what that error message means.

Still not getting it.

I can’t access the App Expose/App Dock in the Simulator. I’ve tried this on both the iPhone 11 and an iPad variation. There aren’t any keyboard shortcuts or Simulator menu items to accommodate these, either.

This issue might be connected to the ‘swiping’ problem I had a few chapters back.

Okay, I was able to see multiple windows on the iPad Simulator.

I thought it would work on the iPhone too, but it still hasn’t for me.

It looks like @Caps5150 already has a solution, but I figured I’d provide step-by-step instructions for those who may still be struggling with getting started.

For iOS 14, you’ll need to run the app on an iPad rather than on an iPhone for split screen and/or multitasking. I for one don’t have an iPad, so the simulator was my only option for testing.

Here’s one way to do this in XCode 12.

  1. To enable “Supports multiple windows,” go to the Project navigator, select the top blue icon for LootLogger in the tree view; then select Targets > LootLogger; then General tab; and then at the bottom of the Deployment Info section check “Supports multiple windows.”
  2. In the “Set the active scheme selector,” set the device to “iPad Pro (12.9 inch) (4th generation)”
  3. Build & run (Command-R)
  4. Tap on the icon for LootLogger to start it up.
  5. Tap the “+” button to add a few icons in LootLogger.
  6. Drag up from the bottom bezel (the black border around the screen) to pull the dock into view. Start your drag just a few pixels down from the border between screen and bezel.
  7. Tap LootLogger in the dock.

To create a split window:
8. Drag LootLogger to the right side of the screen.
9. As the dragged icon approaches the right side of the screen, you should see an expanding rectangle for the app.
10. Release the dragged icon.
11. Confirm that you see side-by-side instances of LootLogger.
12. Tap the “+” button a few times in each instance of LootLogger to confirm that different random items are added.
13. You can repeat the steps above to add a third instance of LootLogger. For me the third instance was not a split screen instance, but instead had a separate window.
14. Continue with the Gold Challenge.

To create a separate window (1 - 7 as above, then…)
8. Tap and hold LootLogger in the dock
9. Select “Show All Windows”
10. In the top right corner, click the “+” button
11. Continue with the Gold Challenge

In Simulator, you can use Device | App Switcher to see the different instances of LootLonger. You can also drag up from the bezel, tap and hold on the LootLogger icon in the dock, wait for the popup menu “Show All Windows” and select that.

Where it says “tap” above, you’re likely clicking with the mouse. As an alternative, in Simulator you can select I/O | Input > Send Pointer to Device. Then the iPad simulator will capture your mouse and show a virtual finger touch as a circle. To escape this mode, select the Esc key, or press the command key in your Magic Bar. If capture remains stuck, and if you’re on a MacBook, then try closing the lid and re-opening it.