Hey is there an ebook or not?


I ordered this book on Informit dot com on June 7 in ebook format. The credit card was charged a week later. The status of this book has changed a few times with the delayed release.

Now, they are selling both a paper and ebook version. I contacted Informit support, and 2nd level support, and today they said the ebook version is NOT available. WTF?

My original question was when will the ebook version become available?

Never in my experience has Informit sold a ‘released’ book in ebook format yet the ebook is NOT available. It is completely unprofessional to sell something they know does not exist, and be unable to answer a simple question like when it will become available.

Can someone talk to someone with influence at Informit to get a response? I have sent over a dozen emails and waited many days for responses only to get re-directed.


Frustrated Customer


Well, Tim @Informit fixed the problem. He deleted and recreated my purchase and the download (pdf only) link works! So now I got my ebook from Informit. Very nice.

The ebook is password locked pdf, but no problems. I was getting tired of signing up for sequential free Safari 10 day trials. LOL


I’m glad you got that worked out!

Pearson is our publisher, which is helpful for us as a business but makes issues like this a black box. Thanks for the update.


After almost a month (since July 25) trying to find the status of the ebook, today pearson has said that the ebook is not released, they don’t know when it will be released and have cancelled my order

Very unprofessional


Hi. Sorry that you had that experience with our publisher.

As a result of your comment, we checked with Pearson to see what’s going on. They said that the ebook is now available “all over the world” and if your order has been canceled to order the book again.

Pearson had some kind of issue with their inventory system and I know that they released the physical copy of the book later than we anticipated because of it (this was frustrating for us too).

Are you able to find the ebook now?