In api-docs package for Atom, keyboard shortcut ctrl+d doesn't work

In the api-docs package for Atom, the keyboard shortcut ctrl+d doesn’t work. The documentation for api-docs is located at and says “Place your cursor on the phrase you want to search for and press ctrl+d to search.” But when I do this, nothing happens.

I just ran into this issue as well. What I discovered is that there is a conflict in keybindings for the emmet and api-docs packages for ctrl-d. After some searching around I found Atom Discuss - Key-binding hell on the Atom Discuss site which got me pointed in the right direction.

You can bring up the Keybindings Resolver (Cmd-. on Mac) to view keybindings, then press the desired keyboard shortcut (ctrl-d in this case) to view all of the keybindings for that shortcut. This showed that emmet was the ‘winning’ keybinding.

I discovered that Atom provides the ability to disable keybindings for a given package, so I just went in and unchecked the ‘Enable’ checkbox under Keybindings in the Settings for the Emmet package, which resolved this issue for me. Once I get to the chapters of the book that cover Javascript I may need to re-visit these settings.